Mo3 Has Been Killed From Being Shot

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Dallas – On last Wednesday, November 11, 2020, it was reported that Dallas Melvin Noble / Mo3 was reported to have been shot.

Originally he and his innocent friend drove into a car on the 35E unimpeded road.

Immediately when they were cool, it turned out that a car approached them and the car fired.

Noble, who had been shot, tried to run away, but instead he crashed into a nearby concrete.

Many other riders were afraid of the sound of the gunfire and avoided it.

Finally the Noble Mo3 died on the spot and his other friend was also shot but was still saved.

Mo3 Has Been Killed From Being Shot

Finally, the innocent was rushed to the hospital and questioned.

Unfortunately the shooter has not been caught and the police are still investigating.

This is not the second time Mo3 has experienced this, but last December he was also shot in the head but was still saved.

And now finally he is dead, hopefully his acts of worship are accepted, and the culprit is immediately arrested.